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Daveed's musical journey began at the age of twelve when his mother bought him his first guitar. While traveling with his family and living in various parts of the world, he was exposed to the sounds and rhythms of various cultures. Daveed's music has a distinct style and a signature that brings forth a unique genre. Mastering the language of the guitar, he delivers powerful compositions with various guitar tones (Spanish, steel, electric), seductive rhythms, phrases of Asian flutes, saxophones, and violins that create an amazing experience for the listener, transcending cultural boundaries.

A multi-instrumentalist, he plays most of the instruments on the songs. All the music on the 6 albums, (Dreams, Don't Be Sad, The Healing Garden, Songs From Beyond, Blessings of the Sun, and Blue Moon) are recorded and produced in his studio located in Los Angeles, California.

The popularity of Daveed's sound has granted him national and international exposure and the music is regularly featured on television stations including "The Weather Channel", CBS, and ABC. The songs are also favorites on various radio stations worldwide. In addition, Daveed's credits include myriads of music compositions for over 200 best-selling Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Healing, and Tai Chi videos. The music is also regularly featured in various national programs.

The latest album BLUE MOON takes you on a magical journey serenaded by Spanish and electric guitars, exotic violins, passionate saxophone melodies and enchanting rhythms, delicately balancing the sounds of the East and West.